Soberats’ Research Team

Our team is part of the Supramolecular Chemistry Group (http://supramol.uib.es) at the University of the Balearic Islands and focuses on the exploration of fundamental aspects of molecular self-assembly and its implementation for the conception of novel smart systems and functional materials. In particular, we center our research on the development of supramolecular polymers and nanostructured liquid crystals for the next generation of nanomaterials.

Our strategy to develop supramolecular functional systems relies on the molecular engineering approach which permits to program spontaneous self-assembly processes and obtain well-defined architectures. Through this strategy, we design unconventional liquid-crystalline assemblies utilizing tailor-made π-conjugated scaffolds. We also study novel strategies to prepare supramolecular polymers featuring pathway complexity, polymorphism and stimuli-responsive behavior.

We are a highly motivated young team excited for the discovery of new aspects of self-assembly processes and for the creation of new strategies towards the development of more efficient and sustainable materials. For this purpose, we rely on a multidisciplinary approach comprising organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, and materials science. Moreover, our research is supported by different collaboration partners with expertise on catalysis, electronics and theoretical chemistry, among others.

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