Unprecedented [d9]Cu⋯[d10]Au coinage bonding interactions in {Cu(NH3)4[Au(CN)2]}+[Au(CN)2]− salt

2021-07-12T19:33:49+00:00July 12th, 2021|

  Our latest Chem. Commun. article has been selected to be part of the themed collection: Chemical Communications HOT articles.   Unprecedented [d9]Cu⋯[d10]Au coinage bonding interactions in {Cu(NH3)4[Au(CN)2]}+[Au(CN)2]− salt. Priola, Emanuele; Mahmoudi, Ghodrat; Andreo, Jacopo and Frontera, Antonio. Chem. Commun., [...]

Interaction between iodonium and silver cation was demonstrated for the first time

2021-06-03T14:43:13+00:00June 3rd, 2021|

An international research team led by Professor Kari Rissanen of the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) and Professor Antonio Frontera of the University of Balearic Islands (Spain) has demonstrated that positively charged iodine (termed iodonium) is able to favorably interact with [...]

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